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African Defence Foundation offers a membership association for select Special Operations Forces and military veterans who wish to become part of the ADF community, and to support or participate in international ADF events. ADF Association membership consists mostly of active duty, reserves, or retired soldiers, as well as select Police special operations and high-risk security operatives. The following membership options are available:



Past serving members of any Army, Navy, Air Force, or Military Health Services. A free membership option if you wish to receive information about ADF events, publications and news. This membership level also contributes data to the ADF P-MOS database for future defence and security related projects recruitment.



This category is exclusive for all active duty, reserves, or retired regular forces members of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, or Military Health Services with a rank of SGT and higher. This membership level also contributes data to the ADF A-MOS database for future projects recruitment.



An exclusive membership group dedicated to past and present medically fit serving members of Special Forces, SOF, and SSR (ADF) with at least 12 months jump recency. This membership level contributes data to the ADF S-MOS database for future special operations projects recruitment.



Corporations with an interest in serving armed forces personnel and organisations, including defence R&D and product developers requiring field testing of products for refining or onward marketing. Corporate members can advertise veteran preferred employment to the ADF membership data base.

African Defence Foundation NPC (ADF) is a self-funded organisation and uses association membership fees to contribute to the funding of its diverse network of global operations. Through your membership, ADF becomes better at doing what it does best, namely, helping people in need using available resources, and creating opportunities for veterans.

* All membership fees quoted in US$.


  • Veteran

    Basic FREE membership for Military Veterans (All Categories)
    Free Plan
    • Newsletters
    • Events Calendar
    • Job Notifications
    • Veteran Database Registration
    • ADF Medals Administration
  • Best Value


    Every year
    Active Duty Reserve / Retired Regular Forces Veterans
    • Newsletters
    • Events Calendar
    • Job Notifications
    • Reserves Database Registration
    • ADF Medals Qualification
    • Access to ADF Training Events
    • Marketplace (RFP/RFQ)
    • Technical Advisory Forum
    • Apply for SOF Certification (RPL, Verification, PFT)
    • Career Guidance
    • Publish Selected Articles on ADF Blog with Credits
    • Access to Military Static Line Parachute Jump Program (NATO)
  • Operator

    Every year
    Special Forces / SOF (Operational Capable)
    • Newsletters
    • Events Calendar
    • Job Notifications
    • Operational Database Registration
    • ADF Medals Qualification
    • Access to ADF Training Events
    • Marketplace (RFP / RFQ)
    • SOF Advisory Forum
    • SOF Certification
    • Career Guidance and Professional Development
    • ADF Blog Contribution with Credits
    • Access S/L Parachute Jump Refreshers (NATO)
    • Apply for Specialised Training Access
    • Invitation to International Military Events
    • Networking with International Military Community
    • Contribute to Doctrine and TTP's R&D
    • Defense Material Field Testing Invitation
    • Training and Development Joint Ventures
    • ADF ID Card (Subject to Vetting)
  • Corporate

    Every year
    Commercial Enterprises Affiliation
    • Request Publication of Editorials on Blog
    • Brand Association
    • Submit Product Content for Review
    • Products Field Testing
    • Sponsor ADF Events
    • Share Products Information with ADF Membership
    • International Marketing of Defense Products
    • Marketplace (RFP / RFQ)
    • Advertise Specialised Job Openings to Members
    • Product Design Feasibility Review
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